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I need you to do something for me. Well, actually, I need you to do something for you. Locate your nearest calendar. Circle the last Monday in May. This year, it’s May 29th. Do you know what makes that day special?

It’s Memorial Day, a special holiday to honor the men and women who died while serving our country.

It’s a day of remembrance, a day to pay homage to the people who fought and died to defend the freedom that we hold so dear.

Americans celebrate Memorial Day in a diverse number of ways. There are those who visit memorials, and there are plenty of volunteers who place American flags on graves in national cemeteries. Many families and friends often celebrate with picnics and barbecues, while others simply take the day to relax.

Also, as I’m sure we are all aware, countless men and women of all ages flock to the nearest beach. Memorial Day is, after all, the unofficial beginning of the summer!

Now, please allow me to bring this back to you and why you marked this date on your calendar.

Every year in the spring, people come to us unhappy with their bodies. They gained weight over the holidays, and then in January when the New Year rolled in, they made a resolution to get in great shape.

Of course, by the end of January, they stop going to the gym, and they end up with the same habits they’ve always had, except now they are 5-15 pounds heavier. February and March fly by, and then they begin getting anxious and uncomfortable because the weather starts warming up and they either have to buy newer, bigger clothing or actually commit to a training program.

The deadline for getting in shape—you guessed it—is Memorial Day, the day I had you circle, when people kick off the summer in shorts, tank tops, and swimwear with friends and family doing all the outdoor activities previously discussed. They don’t want to be embarrassed by their growing guts and thundering thighs yet again this year.

That is why they end up at Fit To Be You.

This year, knowing that we’re about to see a spike in training inquiries, we’ve put together a special 28-day program.

We have worked hard to figure out how to deliver those AMAZING results that you want without asking you to spend countless hours working out in the gym, staring at the wall on a treadmill, or worrying about your nutrition.

You need simple.

A simple workout schedule and nutrition plan that get you the results you want without asking you to give up time with your family or obsess over your workouts and food.

That is why we are unveiling our 28-Day Fat Loss Formula in the Memorial Day Meltdown Challenge!

When you join our Memorial Day Meltdown, you will get the following:

  • Utilizing Your Current Workouts Each Week That Maximize Fat Loss While Minimizing Time In The Gym

  • 28-Day Fat Loss Formula Nutrition Plan To Speed Up Your Metabolism And Make Fat Loss Easy

  • Private Facebook Support Group To Share Recipes And Ask Questions

  • Your Very Own Personal Accountability Coach To Ensure Your Success


Starting at just $39, you will get amazing results in this challenge!


Is this challenge right for you?

This Memorial Day Meltdown Nutrition Challenge is a perfect fit for those who love an atmosphere where they get the community and social support that is crucial to getting amazing results. This program is designed to move at a fast pace and is based on our metabolic training philosophy.


Our fitness professionals run an interval-type program that uses a system of results-proven, circuit-style workouts to get you the results you want.

Start the Memorial Day Meltdown Challenge for just $39 today!


What about my diet?

Our training programs are designed to get you results fast. We cut out all the fluff so that we get you moving your best, feeling your best, and looking your best without the frustration of boring cardio and unrealistic expectations of time you have to spend in the gym.

Utilizing just your current workouts per week, you can get amazing results!

Let’s face it: You will never get the results you want from your workouts if you aren’t eating right.

One of my favorite mantras is that you can’t out-train a bad diet.

And it is true! You will never do enough strength training, cardio, or circuits to get the results you want if you aren’t eating right.

That brings up another issue!

What IS the right diet?

Low carb, low fat, Paleo, Mediterranean…

There are tens of thousands of diet and nutrition books out there and thousands additional online resources, and most of them seem to contradict one another.

That is why we have worked hard to break down nutrition to a few simple steps that get you the results you want without having to fret over calories, carbs, and more.

Using our simple template system, you can create any supportive fat loss meal or snack without worrying about counting calories!

In our 28-Day Fat Loss Formula Nutrition Plan, you will learn exactly what and when to eat to get amazing results without stressing over the details!


If you are still on the fence…

If you are anything like the other people we have helped at Fit To Be You, then at one time you have done a program that sounds just like this.

You get a 28-day meal plan, and then you follow it to some success.

One of two things usually happen.

  1. You lose interest or are frustrated with your results halfway through and quit


   2. You finish the plan and then go right back to what you were doing before and gain your weight back.


That is where our program is different from all the rest!


We provide you with the coaching and accountability to ensure you aren’t frustrated with a lack of results, to keep you motivated for the entire challenge, and to give you some guidance on how to keep those amazing results you worked so hard for through the challenge.


We aren’t in the business of getting people results for just 28-days! We want you to have long-lasting results.


You will be assigned a personal accountability coach who will provide you with email coaching and support to help you get the results you want! If you need check-ins, have questions, or want a bit of motivation, all you have to do is email your coach and they will be there to support you.

Not only do you get your coach, but you also get the support of the entire Fit To Be You community that is doing the challenge. You will quickly learn that you aren’t the only one battling with cravings, feeling overwhelmed, or getting caught in situations that force you to make tough decisions when it comes to food.

You will get to share your struggles and your wins and lean on others for support.

This is the piece of the fat loss puzzle that most programs are missing, and it is the reason that we know you WILL GET RESULTS!

If you are ready to take back your life, get amazing results, and finally break free of all the struggles and frustration you have had with your fitness goals, then it is time to join the Memorial Day Meltdown Challenge!

Here are the details:

Memorial Day Meltdown Challenge

Start Date: Saturday, April 29, 2017

Finale Celebration Date: Thursday, May 25, 2017 at 7pm

Register Today Starting At ONLY $39!