Personal Training

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Many people achieve incredible results when working with a personal trainer. When you find a trainer that you connect with, your training gets even better. You create a relationship based on trust, communication, and an understanding of what you want to achieve. Your trainer will motivate you and give you the direction needed for success and together you will move towards your fitness goals. You will be inspired, get stronger, build confidence and most importantly see results. Weight loss, strength gain or staying functional for life are all possible with our one-on-one personal training or partner training.

One-on-one Personal Training and Partner Training programs are customized to fit your needs and to help you achieve your fitness goals.  I incorporate a variety of activities including cardio, strength, flexibility and balance. 

What’s Included in Your Personal Training?

  • Training sessions are 1-hour long

  • A program designed and tailored to YOU

  • Assessments are done once each month to show progress

  • Nutritional guidance

  • Guidance on workouts outside of the training

  • A Certified Personal Trainer dedicated to you and your goals

  • Email coaching support


I strive to have fun with you in your fitness journey at Fit To Be You.  Physical fitness and functionality is a way of life and a lifelong journey.  Let me join you on that journey side-by-side to a long and healthy life. Give me a call to set up a free transformation session now to get your training started!​ Every journey begins with just one step...take your step today!