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Fit To Be You – How We Came to Be

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

“Fit To Be You” was a dream of Kama’s from many years ago. Her passion for fitness, exercise, healthy living, and functional fitness came full circle to the creation of, what we know today as “Fit To Be You”. For years Kama has had a dream of opening her own studio to share her passion, knowledge, and to genuinely help everybody in their own fitness journey. In early 2015 Kama and her husband Tom began the process to make the dream of “Fit To Be You” a reality. They started their planning of what they would offer, what the studio would stand for, where they would start it and how they would get there. Needless to say it was a lot of work and planning to begin the process to “get there”!

Kama wanted “Fit To Be You” to be more than just another place to work out. She wanted to help everyone find the right fit for their journey. Kama believes that each person is an individual with their own passions, struggles, goals, and visions of what a healthy, functional life means to them. With that, everyone should have an individual plan and program to achieve that vision. She wanted to help them find their vision. This is what we are all about today.

When you come into “Fit To Be You” you will find a superior level of customer service (another passion of Kama’s) matched with routines that are always changing. Working out and getting to achieve that vision of a healthy and functional life will be hard but should also be fun and reassuring knowing that you have someone working with you who genuinely cares about you and what you want. From Personal Training to Small Group Training classes, Kama works to help find the custom routine and exercises to help everyBODY in their journey.

In October of 2015, Kama and Tom began their search for the perfect spot for their dream to become reality. During the next few months they became very familiar with every street in Naperville, Illinois. They searched high and low and looked at every spot they could find to see if that was the one. In early February, Kama saw a sign in a window and called. That is where the story of our dream coming to life physically begins.

But wait…in order to fully understand this journey, we need to go back in time to when Kama and Tom began their personal fitness journeys. So to start our next installment for our journey I will leave you with this:

In a city not too far away…….

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