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Detox the body for a healthier you

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Have you ever had cravings for junk food and fallen off your path of healthy eating? Have you ever felt like you can no longer control your eating? We have, and here is our story of how we got back on track and what we do to try to keep on track.

Once I hit my 40’s my eating habits needed to change because I could no longer eat the same kinds of foods that I once had, and maintain my weight. My husband Tom and I decided to try the Dr. Hyman 10-Day Detox Diet http://drhyman.com that my mom Linda had discovered two years ago. The whole basis to this is centered around eating whole non-processed foods. As a fitness professional, I felt this is a very healthy way to detox the body because you are eating healthy non-processed foods, eliminating sugar and wheat products from your diet and you are not starving yourself while doing it!

Tom and I have done this detox 4 times over the past two years and, on average, I have lost 10lbs and Tom has lost 13lbs in 10 days by eating healthy non-processed foods. The purpose of the detox is to flush out the toxins and sugars from your body and, at the end of the detox, to slowly start adding foods back into your diet to determine what foods may trigger the bad eating habits or what your body reacts to. I discovered that I have a sensitivity to gluten and I have eliminated it from my diet for 2 years now… it has made a difference with my bloating and joint pains.

This is not an easy 10 days to say the least. The first 3 days surprisingly we were not hungry… we were eating healthy real foods. By day 4-5 our bodies began to feel the impact of our unhealthy eating habits and we felt fatigued and our bodies felt weak… I wanted to curl up and sleep. The first time we did the detox I thought I couldn’t keep going, but we made it past day 5 and then we were in an upswing… we started feeling energized again. I am a real person just like you and I get off track at times… this is why we will introduce the Dr. Hyman 10-Day Detox Diet into our lives again, but each time that we have done the detox the easier it is to make it through the 10 days because we try to stick to healthy eating habits on a day-to-day basis.

A typical day consists of the following:

Breakfast: Smoothie ~ Snack: Almonds ~ Lunch: Salad with protein ~ Dinner: Protein and vegetables

This may not be the right fit for everyone, but we have found that it works well for us and we wanted to share. Contact us for more information about our journey through the detox process and check out our website http://www.FitToBeYouFitness.com for what we can do to help you in your journey of fitness and healthy living. #healthyliving #fitness #weightloss #ourjourney #healthyeating #healthyliving #fitness #weightloss #ourjourney #healthyeating

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