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It’s November! Just Say No to Gaining Weight this Holiday Season

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Make a November resolution instead of a New Year’s resolution: vow to keep up with your wellness program during the upcoming holidays. Fit To Be You can help!

A total wellness program includes mind, body, and spirit as well as healthful eating.

We’ve got you covered on the mind/body/spirit part. Check out www.FitToBeYouFitness.com for information about our group classes and for information about hiring a personal trainer to keep you motivated and doing the right things to achieve your fitness goals. CALL TODAY TO SET UP YOUR COMPLIMENTARY PERSONAL TRAINING CONSULTATION!

But what about eating during the season of turkey and stuffing, latkes, pumpkin pie, cookies, Eggnog, and champagne?

You can moderate your caloric intake while still enjoying holiday festivities if you keep a few simple tips in mind:

  • Eat something healthful before you leave for a holiday party to cut down on the chance you will over-indulge.

  • Monitor calories from alcoholic beverages and seasonal drinks. Alternate a glass of alcohol with a glass of water. Have one fancy coffee drink or one small glass of hot chocolate and then go back to water or seltzer.

  • Enjoy appetizers, but stay away from anything fried. Focus on hors d’oeuvres with protein. Good choices: shrimp, chicken skewers, vegetables. Fill up on healthful choices first.

  • Manage portion sizes. Take small bites. Wait 10 minutes before going back for seconds.

  • If there’s something that you can’t live without, allow yourself to have a small bit of it. If you feel like you are depriving yourself, you may go overboard later.

  • Ask yourself: Am I really hungry? Don’t eat if you’re not.

  • Exercise in the morning. Research has shown those who work out early are less tempted by unhealthy foods. Schedule your workouts and get them in!

  • Keep healthful snacks at work.

  • Get out of the kitchen! The more you can stay away from temptation, the easier it is to keep to your healthful eating habits.

  • Keep track of what you eat. It makes a difference.

  • Get plenty of sleep. A recent study found that adults ate about an extra 300 calories and tended to choose higher-fat, higher-calorie foods after a short night’s sleep.

Got a tip that really helps you keep fit during the holidays? Share it with us at www.FitToBeYouFitness.com or on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/fittobeyoucolorado/! Happy Healthy Holidays from Fit To Be You!

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