Feedback from our clients is very important to us and something we value, so we know that we are doing the very best for you. Check out what some of our clients are saying about us and their experience here:

"I've had Kama for personal training now for over two years. I've had trainers in the past, but I can honestly say that Kama is my number one choice. She never fails to surprise you with workouts that are geared for your body. I've had great results and if you're seriously interested in personal training, I highly recommend Kama . Give it a try, you won't be disappointed."


I had surgery July, 2016 and spent several months recuperating. I was stiff and started experiencing back pain. I had to have physical therapy for back pain & a pinched nerve. When the therapists decided the pinched nerve was under control & I could work on my own at home, I felt I still needed a lot more help & flexibility. I have also had knee and shoulder surgeries in the past. I am working with Kama Nevious to tone & build up my core strenght and get into better shape. I am a senior and this has been a very positive experience for me. Kama is very mindful of my limitations and has fashioned exercises specifically for me. I can feel the difference physically and I feel better. I am doing 30 minutes twice a week. Kama is very personable and I highly recommend giving Kama a call. If you've never been to a personal trainer and have any concerns give Kama a call!

Gerry B.

I've gone through multiple trainers before I found one I really liked in the past. As my last trainer moved out of state I was hesitant to go through the whole process again but Kama really listened to what I was looking for and put a great first session together! I can tell she is dedicated to helping her clients reach their just by our first two meetings. I am excited and looking forward to working with Kama.

Kunj P.

I have trained with Kama for over 3 years and think that says it all !! If you're interested in training with someone who combines expertise in nutrition, exercise and fun, Kama is your gal !!


"...invaluable...Kama knew when to push me and when I reached my limit."


"...Kama brought me to a new level I would never have achieved on my own...stronger...more energy...lost inches as well...Kama is always looking for new ways to challenge me, keep it interesting and help me achieve my goals...feel blessed to have discovered her and this fine program."


"I just wanted to say that the hour was well spent with Kama...learned a lot about the workout...designed just for me!"


"...Kama helped me develop the correct position...to use the weights...exercise the muscles I wanted to work...built confidence...very valuable!"